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Bonus Children

Several years ago, when I had some carpets and upholstery cleaned, the company I used sent a young man who unwittingly gave me a great gift.  He didn’t do an exceptional cleaning job, but his pearl of wisdom was worth having hired him.  He was quite gregarious and in one final bit of conversation before … Continue reading “Bonus Children”

Moral Fatigue

I don’t usually struggle to decide a topic for this blog.  But this week I just felt worn, frazzled, uninspired.  (They say caring for a toddler and preschooler day after day when you are 70 plus will do that to you!)  But somewhere in the recesses of my mind a phrase “moral fatigue” drifted up … Continue reading “Moral Fatigue”


My first-grade year was very disrupted by one teacher after another quitting.  One broke her leg.  Another had some kind of mental breakdown.  I don’t know what happened with the others.  I didn’t think we were a particularly difficult class though I do remember one poor little girl that I’m sure had an unrecognized learning … Continue reading “Books”

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