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Christmas Day a cardinal “joined us” as we ate brunch, by which I mean he could be spied out in the woods outside our dining room window.  (I count that as joining).   My mother had a great fondness for cardinals and both my parents loved to watch birds.  Beyond the sliding glass doors of their … Continue reading “Cardinals”

A Bridge to History

We live on a farm that was Cherokee land.  The remains of a burial ground lie as silent testimony to an earlier time.  On the farm next to us sits the house of Chief James Brown.  The owner of that property has tried unsuccessfully to get it listed as an historical site. When we hike … Continue reading “A Bridge to History”


Inward/outward, an online site that is an outreach of Church of the Savior in Washington D.C., offered a post in December 2018 that has remained with me ever since.  The author wrote: “To keep my equilibrium, I have to remember the way I have come, and who brought me here, to help keep me grounded.”  … Continue reading “Roadmap”

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