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The Blue People

              In 1820 a French orphan named Martin Fugate settled near Hazard, Kentucky.  He eventually married a woman who carried a recessive trait he also unwittingly carried, called methemoglobinemia.  The effects of this rare blood disorder cause the skin a blue tint because the hemoglobin in the blood  is unable to release oxygen effectively to … Continue reading “The Blue People”

Growing a Soul

This week I came across the letter of Kurt Vonnegut written to a high school class in 2006.  I had seen it posted before, but grasped it at a deeper level this time. The English class had been assigned to write a famous author to ask for advice. Of the letters sent, Vonnegut was the … Continue reading “Growing a Soul”

Technology Idols

The report I receive on my cell phone of the time I spent on it the previous week is always a surprise to me. Now, in my defense, I often go to sleep to my Insight Timer. That adds up. But likely Facebook is the culprit. (Notice how cleverly I made Facebook the Villain. I … Continue reading “Technology Idols”

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