The Blue People

              In 1820 a French orphan named Martin Fugate settled near Hazard, Kentucky.  He eventually married a woman who carried a recessive trait he also unwittingly carried, called methemoglobinemia.  The effects of this rare blood disorder cause the skin a blue tint because the hemoglobin in the blood  is unable to release oxygen effectively to … Continue reading “The Blue People”

Growing a Soul

This week I came across the letter of Kurt Vonnegut written to a high school class in 2006.  I had seen it posted before, but grasped it at a deeper level this time. The English class had been assigned to write a famous author to ask for advice. Of the letters sent, Vonnegut was the … Continue reading “Growing a Soul”

Technology Idols

The report I receive on my cell phone of the time I spent on it the previous week is always a surprise to me. Now, in my defense, I often go to sleep to my Insight Timer. That adds up. But likely Facebook is the culprit. (Notice how cleverly I made Facebook the Villain. I … Continue reading “Technology Idols”


Wednesday night as Terry and I were out for an evening walk, the brightest shooting star I have ever seen came crashing across the sky, looking so close to the earth that I almost felt like I could reach up and touch it!  What a wonder to behold!  I will treasure the memory of it. … Continue reading “Wonderment”

Enduring Connections

Last Saturday I had a phone call from my longtime friend Mary.  Having moved several thousand miles from each other in the last year, we agreed to be intentional about monthly calls.   She befriended me when I first moved to Chattanooga, where we worked together..  Over the years we have shared many good times.  Outside … Continue reading “Enduring Connections”


In 2016 Terry and I were enjoying an evening at the park with our just-turned-one year-old grandson.  Suddenly a dog got loose from its owner and raced by me, the leash wrapping around my leg, throwing me to the ground unconscious and bleeding.  I had always loved dogs and parks and evening strolls.  But now … Continue reading “Fear”


For whatever reason, this word has kept floating through my mind lately.  You may recall from some course along the way that it means, simply put, “the ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism to compensate for environmental changes. An example of homeostasis is the human body keeping an average temperature of … Continue reading “Homeostasis”

Soul Weary

Pandemics, extreme weather, extreme politics, violence in response to even the most petty disagreements… anyone else exhausted?  My mindset has always been that you can endure many things because “this too shall pass.”  I now recognize that likely the majority of these situations will be with us for years to come.  So how do we … Continue reading “Soul Weary”

Ice Cream!

Some years ago Terry and I went on a cruise.  One of the pleasures we discovered on the ship were their daily offerings of ice cream and sorbet.  Our favorite was cocoa sorbet.  When we returned home, I found a recipe and we have made it several times since then.  When we retrieved our ice … Continue reading “Ice Cream!”

The Little Stone Church

When I first began the interview process for the position of pastor of this little Congregational church in Columbus, MT., I was fascinated by the original building called The Little Stone Church.  In 1895 the church was officially formed and the Rock School was also built.  The church began meeting regularly in the one room … Continue reading “The Little Stone Church”


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