More Animal Tales

Hippo encounters and our education about them were some  of my favorite, though sometimes a bit harrowing, animal experiences on our recent African trip.  At Kafue National Park, I would arouse early in the morning to the tune of Hippo “chatter,” their calls to one another.  Our cabin was right on the water and their … Continue reading “More Animal Tales”


              We were not sure we were going to have the opportunity to be grandparents.  One after another of our friends heralded the birth of a grandchild, declaring the experience incomparable.  We became doubtful of ever belonging to the club of grandparents.  Not wanting to be intrusive, we avoided questioning Matt and Jenna about their … Continue reading “SebnGabe”

Hearts of Compassion

I met my husband Terry the year following his return from his second tour in Vietnam.  He had transferred from the graduate psychology program to the graduate school of social work where I was studying.  Our second year in school, he and I were in field placement together in the legal clinic program of the … Continue reading “Hearts of Compassion”

Death Comes Calling

This week our friend Bruce contacted us to say his dear wife of thirty plus years had died suddenly the day before.  He didn’t give many details and when I offered our phone numbers to call us, he said he was just too broken right now.                The next night I got a call from … Continue reading “Death Comes Calling”


We had a lovely spring day…..and then winter returned with a vengeance.  Snow fell all night and most of the day. Easter plans began to fall apart.  A dinner engagement I had really looked forward to got postponed.  How, when things can look so promising, can they dissolve in a matter of hours? I wonder … Continue reading ““Sprinter””

Rain and Fire

When I was much younger rain was an inconvenience.  The day of ninth grade graduation, all dressed up and wearing high heels, my girlfriends and I got soaked as we ran to the local burger place after we got out from school.  I resented being drenched!  My hair was a mess.  My new dress soggy.  … Continue reading “Rain and Fire”


During this season of Lent, the Lutheran pastor and I have alternated offering services on Wednesday nights.  One week we have soup supper at our church and she leads.  The following week we have supper at her church and I lead.  Each week has had a different theme paired with a scripture.  This week my … Continue reading “War”

The Lemonade Stand

Early this week I had a massage.  The masseuse gave me an exercise to do, which requires a small ball.  On my way to Family Dollar a few days later to search for such a ball, I came across two little girls, maybe 10 or 11, running a lemonade stand.  I went on to the … Continue reading “The Lemonade Stand”


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