Even things that go on for a long time take a break once in awhile:  one kind of break is a hiatus.  If someone has to leave her job for a time, she’s going on hiatus.  A touring  band will need to take a hiatus if the lead singer gets in an accident.  The key … Continue reading “Hiatus”

Insight Timer

Today I am putting in a plug for the app “Insight Timer.”  I am not sure when this was established.  I discovered it about five years ago when I attended a session that was offered at the local Center for Mindful Living.  There are multiple online meditation sites.  What distinguishes Insight Timer is that it … Continue reading “Insight Timer”


I heard a wonderful true story this week of a pastor visiting his rabbi friend.  The rabbi asked how he was doing.  The pastor described how they had sent out the pipes to the organ for cleaning, an extremely expensive task.  They had paid a fellow the down payment for the work, many thousands of … Continue reading “Crises”

Serendipitous Wisdom

Years ago I attended a conference workshop led by the author of Forgive For Good.  Dr. Fred Luskin had what I considered a reasonable approach to forgiveness.  But I have been reading Home by Marilynne Robinson.  In the context of her novel, I came across some powerful words about forgiveness that seem worth passing on. … Continue reading “Serendipitous Wisdom”

Claiming Our Gifts

Recently I preached at a little church celebrating their “Homecoming Sunday.”   At the meal after the service, I chatted with the children.  I had brought some “bubble pens” and other colored pens to offer as little gifts to them.  When a young teen accepted one of the pens, she commented that she had lots already … Continue reading “Claiming Our Gifts”

Self Compassion

As a therapist, I saw many people who evaluated themselves in very negative ways.  Seeking ways to help them re-evaluate their perceptions, take corrective action where needed  and develop “healthier self-esteem” was part of treatment.               An approach being advocated by Kristin Neff, PhD, emphasizes increasing self-compassion instead of focusing on building self-esteem:  “The self-worth … Continue reading “Self Compassion”

Savor and Swish!

I sit relaxing with the door open to the screen porch, listening to the gentle lullaby of the wind  in the trees and the steady blessing of rain soaking the earth.  I happen to be eating some chocolate fudge pudding (which might or might not be accompanied by a fudge brownie!)  I am savoring the … Continue reading “Savor and Swish!”

“Manifest Destiny”

This term was brought back to me this week in a different context from the one I remembered in American History.  You may well recall that manifest destiny referred to a widely held cultural belief in the 19th century that America was destined, inspired, even divinely ordained, to expand its borders to the Pacific and … Continue reading ““Manifest Destiny””

Happy Continuation Day

This week I succeeded in completing another “trip around the sun,” my personal year-long journey like the sun’s orbit around the earth.  I could think of this as another birthday (which I do)…..but I could also think of it as my “continuation day” (which I also do).  And what, you might ask (unless you have … Continue reading “Happy Continuation Day”

Conscious Aging

My early thoughts on aging were influenced by what was then mandatory retirement at 65.  I recall several men in the vicinity of our neighborhood who retired….and promptly died.  I had the impression that was the nature of aging:  one quits work (quits being productive) and death follows. I wasn’t entirely wrong.  When one’s identity … Continue reading “Conscious Aging”


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