What Can One Do?

Michael Blassie was an Air Force pilot sent to fly missions in Vietnam in 1972.  It was a time of reduced troops.  At the height of the war in the late 60s, there were 500,000 troops.  When Blassie arrived there were about 25,000 who were stretched to the limit.  On his 132nd bombing mission he … Continue reading “What Can One Do?”


When I was a child, I was entranced by the notion of pioneer times.  I thought I would have liked the adventure of being a pioneer.  There are a lot of reasons I recognize now that I would not have adapted well to that kind of experience.  Being cut-off from easy communication would have been … Continue reading “Connections”

When Things Go Awry

I recall a friend years ago recounting her wedding day when she made her way down the aisle with 104 degree temp.  My husband Terry tells the story of a friend whose bride limped down the aisle on crutches at her Washington D.C. wedding.  (Full disclosure:  Terry was the driver of the couple in a … Continue reading “When Things Go Awry”

The Christmas Dress

Years ago, my husband Terry and I took two foster children, we’ll call them Kevin and Amy, a teenage boy and his 9 year-old sister.  As I have often said, this was a lesson for me in my limitations.  Amy was a real challenge for me.  She had a talent for somehow taking moments that … Continue reading “The Christmas Dress”

Small Town Living

Our church sits next to the original building called, appropriately enough, The Little Stone Church.  It is sometimes rented out for showers, weddings, other events.  Last weekend it was rented for a craft show.  I went over to introduce myself and the organizer said, “Oh, yes.  I’ve heard all about you.”  The next day I … Continue reading “Small Town Living”

First Snow

This week we enjoyed the first snow in our newly purchased home.  What is it about snow that just seems to invoke walking in it, playing in it, getting cold enough to go inside and get a hot drink and a good book?             As a reader who prefers historical novels and mysteries,  I had … Continue reading “First Snow”

Tempus Fugit

“Tempus Fugit”—Time Flies… well I know!  A year ago we were about to wrap up a near four-month stint of caring for our grandsons.  I returned to supply preaching while trying to figure out how to search for a call during covid.  Then when I least expected it, I got a call to, of all … Continue reading “Tempus Fugit”

Welcome Home

This phrase “Welcome Home” has so many meanings for me.  I can recall, as an adult returning to my childhood home, how eagerly my mother greeted me at the door…..and how many times I have experienced that as a mother myself, greeting my daughter’s arrival….and now son-in-law’s and grandsons’.   I think of all the evenings … Continue reading “Welcome Home”


About three years ago I began to have some difficulty with my right leg.  Periodically I would get severe cramps in it, unlike any leg cramps I’d ever had.  Peripheral artery disease was ruled out in 2019.  I didn’t get a diagnosis and I dropped the matter.  In 2020 when the problem evolved from cramps … Continue reading “Irony”

The Milk Run

This week I had the distinct pleasure of helping with the milk delivery to a rural school, K-12 in Raplje, MT.   The son of one of the church members, Viv, is the superintendent at this little school and she offered to do the weekly milk run. She and another church member, Mary, invited me to … Continue reading “The Milk Run”


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