Even things that go on for a long time take a break once in awhile:  one kind of break is a hiatus.  If someone has to leave her job for a time, she’s going on hiatus.  A touring  band will need to take a hiatus if the lead singer gets in an accident.  The key thing about a hiatus is that it’s an interruption of something that was happening, but it’s not a permanent break.  (vocabulary.com)

            Hiatus comes from “hiare,” a Latin verb meaning “to gape” or “to yawn,” and first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century. Originally, the word referred to a gap or opening in something, such as a cave opening in a cliff. In the 18th century, Laurence Sterne used the word humorously in his novel Tristram Shandy, writing of “the hiatus in Phutatorius’s breeches.” These days, “hiatus” is usually used in a temporal sense to refer to a pause or interruption (as in a song), or a period during which an activity is temporarily suspended (such as a hiatus from teaching). (Miriam-Webster)

          All this goes to say that I am taking a hiatus from Hope’s Café for six weeks while I am in the process of moving from Tennessee to Montana.  Why Montana, you might ask.  The answer is that I have accepted the pastorate of Columbus Community Congregational Church UCC in Columbus, Montana.  We are leaving the home we built 30 years ago, the farm my husband grew up on, land that has been in his family four generations.  Despite that we, of course, feel some sadness, we are excited about this move and about the church I will be pastoring.

          We appreciate prayers and well-wishes as we undertake this journey.  If you have found this blog uplifting, I hope you will await the return of Hope’s Café and seek it out when it resumes September 3.

May we be bearers of hope, the “wait staff” of Hope’s Café for each other and all those we encounter.  Shalom, Kate

Hope’s Café Bonus: “And suddenly you just know that it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” (pinterist.com)

4 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. I am excited beyond words for you. Take all the time you need to pack, move, and get settled into your new home. I look forward to hopes Cafe posting a recipe for Huckleberry pie sometime soon. Peace


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